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Personalized supplement subscription from Care/of

Businesses use subscriptions as pricing strategies as well as a way to lock in customers. Yet, I have to admit, many really are beneficial for both company and customers. My life evolves around subscription services now, I get my beauty subscription from Sephora Play (reviews here), smoothie subscription from Daily Harvest (reviews here), and now a supplement subscription, believe it or not, from Care/of. Instead of doing all the complicated research on your own, you can now simply take a test on Care/of by filling in your profile and needs, they will give you a list of 4 to 5 suggested vitamins that you can add to you subscription; or you can also add your own. The site also provide research information that back up each type of supplement’s validity. My wish is to improve my skin, my memory, my stomach comfortless and become more energetic. And care/of gave me a list of suggestions that suit all my needs. I’ve never NOT forgotten to take supplement everyday until this. They are individually packaged for each day, …

5 things to help you deal with stress.

August and September were months of taking care of myself . Grad school started and it was even harder than I thought. The pressure that coming with it put a lot of stress on me – break outs on my chin and sore body everyday. Hence, I’ve not been posted anything on this blog for the past 3 weeks. But now I’ve get used to all the stress and busy schedule. And best of all, I have accumulated some favorites on destress and take care of my body and skin to  share with you all. 1. Yoga Stretch A 20 min video that really helps to stretch out your whole body. Essential when you’ve been sitting on your ass for hours and your body feels really heavy. 2. Sulwhasoo Cushion Foundation A must-have if you are always in a hassle in the morning.  You can have a even base in just 2o seconds.  It’s also rich in essential oils – super moisturizing and great for your skin. 3. Sunday Riely Luna sleeping oil Luna sleeping oil saved …

Japanese At-home Drip on coffee

I came across this coffee brand in my local Japanese market. I was looking for easy-making instant coffee to drink at home so I don’t need to get dressed, and run down to the coffee shop whenever I crave for coffee (which is often…) AND I really don’t want to commit to a Coffee Machine. Because I know once I get it I would drink a lot of coffee just to make the money worth. As we all know, too much coffee is no good for your body.