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#Summer Beauty: Statement Earrings

I’ve gone really adventures with my accessory game this summer, by that I mean earrings (have not quite get the hang of styling necklaces and rings yet, will get there hopefully). It all started with this retro clip on pair from the Frankie Shop, I’ve never realize how much a difference statement earrings make to your whole outfit, and your whole vibe. They are like red lipsticks for your face. Put on a dangling pair this summer, you will feel like a new woman, believe me! I listed some of my current favorites (aka to-shop list) below, most are from the mighty J.Crew, which I think is really on point with the big, colorful, sparkling earrings trend the season. Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop

Some Recent Favorites

Daily Harvest Smoothies My favorite out of all the favorites! DH is a Smoothie subscription service that deliver your smoothies of choice, but with freshly frozen ingredients in each cup, that you can just pour everything into your blender and add the liquid of your choice and then voila, there goes your freshly made smoothie. Every cup of smoothie is so delicious! And it’s packed with 98% organic & 100% vegan freshly frozen ingredients! My boyfriend and I are so obsessed that we made it our daily routine to share a jug of smoothie together 1 hour after dinner. Cult Gaia Gaia’ Ark If NYC is not still as freezing as it is now, I would be wearing this bag every day! I bought it ( as a photo prop) for when I was in Cuba, but it turned out to be both practical and pretty. You will not wear it once and put it to the back of your closet.  This bag goes with almost every outfit, t-shirt and jeans, dresses, pants, you name it. …

July Love List

I am starting this series of monthly love list. But instead of a fix list of categories, I will just group together all my favorites each month. It can be anything from beauty stuff to food and movies, which make more sense than trying to find something just to put into each category. Ok, no more rambling, this is my July Love List. Skincare MV Organics Rose Oil: I was introduced to this Australian organic skincare brand by Estee Lelonde. She has sensitive skin and really adores the its line of products. I decide to gave this oil a go finally when I was in the market for a hydrating oil; but this oil does so much more than that. Formulated with all natural ingredients, it helps to decongest, calm any redness or inflammation and strengthen your skin. Since I started using it, my skin has been better  than ever – no breakouts & supple & glowy skin. I feel like it also helps with my scars’ healing process. What I like to do is to …

What's in my shopping bag – Need Supply co.

Things on Need Supply co. are what a cool girl should have in her closet, at her home, on her boyfriend, period. I want to introduce it to you with some of the stuff I’ve been eyeing for quite a long time.👇🏻You should definitely check out the website as well as its blog, even just for online “window shopping”. Ganni, $450 Evry, $368 Need – Wide leg trousers in rust,  $165 Farrow – Mauna dress, $37.99 Faris – Sway earring in jade, $98 Enamel pin, $10 Appointed, notebook in navy blue, $24 Hasami – Plate 11 3/4″, $60

Japanese Street Style 日本街拍分享第1期

我特别爱看日本女孩儿的街拍。他们不按套路出牌,没有欧美街拍中前篇一律的搭配;他们造型大胆前卫,看似不搭调的单品却能被他们演绎得别有风味;他们也特别注重妆容发型与饰品的搭配,轻轻松松吸引路人的目光。挑了些最近喜欢的日本原宿街拍跟大家分享。Hope you can find some styling inspirations from them.                     *All photos are from