Author: Jenny Huang

#Summer Beauty: Statement Earrings

I’ve gone really adventures with my accessory game this summer, by that I mean earrings (have not quite get the hang of styling necklaces and rings yet, will get there hopefully). It all started with this retro clip on pair from the Frankie Shop, I’ve never realize how much a difference statement earrings make to your whole outfit, and your whole vibe. They are like red lipsticks for your face. Put on a dangling pair this summer, you will feel like a new woman, believe me! I listed some of my current favorites (aka to-shop list) below, most are from the mighty J.Crew, which I think is really on point with the big, colorful, sparkling earrings trend the season. Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop Shop

#SummerBeauty: Is Birchbox Dying?

Is beauty subscription box boom over, or is it just Birchbox? A few months ago, lured by the very enticing marketing image of the Birchbox April Magic Box , I decided to give Birchbox another try after cancelling its service a year ago due to constant disappointment in its sample offerings – the alleged personalized samples lead me to end up with too many samples from unheard brands that I was just too scared to put on my face. Unfortunately, nothing changed, I end up with only one of the samples showed in the image, and the rest are products that I will never use, that Birchbox probably acquired at 0 cost from these small brands, and could not wait to get rid of. I really respect Birchbox as the forth runner in beauty subscription services. However, they expand their business to online/retail beauty store too quickly that they lose the very core of their service, which probably is not too profitable, but is indispensable in bring in loyal customers that they can build their …

#SummerBeauty: Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo

Christophe Robin, according to many press, is one of the most popular luxury hair care brands in the market. So I got hold of its purifying shampoo with great hope that it would save my oily scalp and dry hair ends during summer time; $38 for 250ml – it must work wonders. Ironically, turns out the descriptions: “Greasy Roots & Dry Ends” on the bottle means its actual effect not what it helps with. The so-called purifying shampoo made my scalp more greasy and hair ends more dry after each wash. At first, I thought it was because I did not wash off products properly. But later I realize the not-clean feeling is exactly what this shampoo gives you. I prefer my $3 Head & Shoulders shampoo to this fancy but not effective one, just for the sake of having clean hair. On the bright side, I would say this is the kind of products perfect for anyone with dry scalp and oily hair ends. Oh, and it smells quite chic.

All that glitter – Stila metallic liquid eyeshadow

If you are bored of the usual matte/bronzy eye look like I do, look no further, this no-joke metallic glittery liquid eyeshadow from Stila is what you need to vamp up your eye look. This is what I’ve been obsessed with over the last few weeks. The application process alone is such a joy – with extremely pigmented (with glitters as well as color) and is easy to apply to the eyelid. The liquidy metallic finish is beyond-this-world pretty! You can use it as a eyeliner or apply generously to the eyelid and blend out the edges with fingers or a blending brush. You have to blend fast though, it sets after a few seconds-hence it’s really long-lasting and does not become messy or crease up. It is not your every-day look essential; although, why not? It will look amazing on your eyes under the sun during summer time.  

Beaty Spot: Cult Beauty

My obsession with podcast (and Youtube) has lead to me to yet another great podcast, At home with.. , hosted by youtubers Anna (from the Anna Edit) and Lily Pebbles; in which they conducted interviews with these amazing women in beauty, like Lisa Eldridge and founder of By Terry. In this week’s episode, they interviewed the co-founder of cult beauty, Alexia Inge; which made me realize – I haven’t written anything about Cult Beauty in my blog yet! Why this happened is beyond me, since Cult Beauty has been my go-to place to buy beauty products (other than Sephora). This is the place that does not have almost every brand, but every single one on the site is as good as a brand can get, no exception, big or small brands – “Sunday Riley, MV Organic, Charlotte Tilbury, Pixi, Huda, Tata Harper, Oskia”  On top of that, if you live in the US, full price of the product on site is usually 70% of the price of those same products sold in the states (no …

If you could only choose one…

I’ve been using Sunday Riley Good Genes non-stop for almost 3 years now. It has done wonders for my skin, especially since my skin naturally has low cells turnover rate; so whenever I see little bumps and hyper-pigmentation; I turn over to the Good Genes to exfoliate and brighten. It has never let me down. I also tried Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C recently, which also aims to retextures the skin. Many compare T.L.C to the Good Genes. I can see their similarity, but you definitely don’t need both!   Application The Good Genes has a quite strong scent of lemongrass, which you may like or hate depends on your liking. Upon application, it may sting a little bit because of high potency, purified grade lactic acid (why it is so effective) but nothing unbearable! The T.L.C, on the other hand, comes in clear gel that has no distinctive smells and feel really gentle on the skin (bit sticky though). It’s formulated mainly with glycolic acid, but also other wonderful natural ingredients (hence the gentleness). If you have really …

Because beauty shouldn’t cost you a fortune

I used to consider ColourPop as a brand intended for teenagers, with their somewhat flamboyant image (and I think myself as someone at the age that use “serious makeup”); until I could not hold my curiosity anymore and got myself a super shock eyeshadow set. OMG, their eyeshadows have the best formulas I’ve ever seen – super soft and creamy. When you touch them, they sink in a little bit like cushions (just because they are so creamy). They are really pigmented and really long lasting as well. I seriously consider only use ColourPop‘s eyeshadows from now on. With only a fraction of other brands’ eyeshadows, it has one of the most luxurious formula and gorgeous color selections; especially with eyeshadows, you always want to try new colors; with ColourPop, you can keep up with this ever-changing industry without breaking the bank!

Personalized supplement subscription from Care/of

Businesses use subscriptions as pricing strategies as well as a way to lock in customers. Yet, I have to admit, many really are beneficial for both company and customers. My life evolves around subscription services now, I get my beauty subscription from Sephora Play (reviews here), smoothie subscription from Daily Harvest (reviews here), and now a supplement subscription, believe it or not, from Care/of. Instead of doing all the complicated research on your own, you can now simply take a test on Care/of by filling in your profile and needs, they will give you a list of 4 to 5 suggested vitamins that you can add to you subscription; or you can also add your own. The site also provide research information that back up each type of supplement’s validity. My wish is to improve my skin, my memory, my stomach comfortless and become more energetic. And care/of gave me a list of suggestions that suit all my needs. I’ve never NOT forgotten to take supplement everyday until this. They are individually packaged for each day, …

Sephora’s subscription box is beyond amazing!

Yes, Sephora has subscription boxes now – Sephora Play! For all you beauty lovers who became more and more disappointed by Birchbox and other beauty subscription boxes, you should definitely put your money into this one instead! For $10/month, same price as Birchbox’s, you will get (much better stuff): 1. 5 deluxe skincare, makeup or hair care samples (plus a fragrance bonus and a makeup bag!) But no BS samples from random brands that make you too scared to even try; especially because Sephora carries great (filtered) brands. For my first box, I got some of my all time favorite products and some I’ve always wanted to try. Satisfaction level ? 120% ! ! Belif Hungarian Water Essence 0.33 oz Tatcha Pure Camelia Cleansing Oil 0.5 oz Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask  22mL NudeStix Magnetic Matte Lip Color – GreyStone treStique Highlighter Stick 2.  PLAY! BOOK with tips, tricks, how-tos and beauty advice 3.  PLAY! PASS to redeem in store for 50 bonus Beauty Insider points and a free one-on-one tutorial  

Brand I Love: Drunk Elephant

I’ve used these 4 serums from Drunk Elephant for a month; and now I am ready to report back (cause skincare haul is just adding noises to the already too crowded world of information right?) Let me put it out there first, I really really love Drunk Elephant, their product as well as the whole experience. They have these two sets of serums, one for the morning and one for the night. Each set has two serums that works perfectly together. This solves the dilemma I constantly face when trying out new brand: what’s the starting point! Drunk Elephant is a clean brand, with only non-toxic, potent ingredients. The products and ingredients they use are nothing new; but they feel so much more gentle on skin compare to other similar ones I’ve tried. Any one with sensitive skins would love Drunk Elephant. And they are offering 20% sitewide right now! Morning You should use each two serums together, the B-Hydra counteract the stickyness of C-Firma. B-Hydra™ Intensive Hydration Gel: It has a gel texture and is …