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Favorite Brands of 2017

2017 is the year of venturing out, by that I mean instead of sticking to the usual well-known brands like I usually do, I discovered and tried a lot more emerging/new brands (thanks to Instagram); some of them even became my favorite brands.


This perfectly goes along with my 2018 resolution of taking more risks. If I did not, I would never find these new brands.

1. Oak & Fort

I found Oak & Fort accidentally on Instagram. It’s a Canadian brand created by a Korean designer. The simple yet sophisticated style immediately caught my eyes. It reminded me of Aritzia. But Oak & Fort feels younger, more trendy and has a much more friendly price point. The only thing worried me was the quality of the pieces (reason why e-commerce will never fully replace retail). Luckily, I found their store in Soho and got a grey silk long skirt for $80 with impeccable quality. It was probably one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe , EVER. Unfortunately I dripped foundation onto the skirt and ruined it. I swear I even cried a bit when the foundation did not come off after washes.

Since then I bought a lot more from the brand online: silk pants, earrings, hoodies, cardigans, silk shirt; and I did not return a single item. That says I lot, even my man knows that my average online shopping success rate is 50%.


2. Reliquia

I hate now it is everywhere on IG. I am very selfish with the brands I DISCOVERED, though it already has 30k followers…

I’ve been really into street-style jewelry in 2017, the year before that I was into pearls (yes pearls). Reliquia is another brand discovered on Instagram. The design feels both masculine and feminine, so they are very versatile with whatever outfit you wear. I found myself drawn to nearly every piece of the brand. Many were sold out everywhere which made me want them even more.I got the star sign necklace for my birthday last year; and later bought a pair of spiral earrings.

3. Colourpop

Need I say more? I am fangirling Colourpop’s IG, their marketing team, their marketing team’s IG accounts every day. I even had my work friend Dylan (Hi Dylan!) addicted to the brand. It is the only brand that I waited on the dot for new product launches, except glossier, which I discovered in 2016.

The first thing I got from Colourpop was its super shock eyeshadows. It’s a bit wet like mashed potatoes, that means it glides on like a dream and has the best color payoffs. I did a separate post on Colourpop you can have a look if you want to find out more about the brand.

4. The Drunk Elephant

The Drunk Elephant is a brand I did not expect to love. The brand’s name does not sound serious enough, of course, that was before I got to know the story behind the brand. DE is very performance oriented, products are formulated with good potent ingredients and also have good-looking packaging. Everything I’ve used from the brand delivered what it promised. The Vitamin C serum gives the most visible result among all VC serums I’ve tried. And the baby facial is the must-have in my weekly pampering routine.

If you don’t want to mix and match and want a simple yet effective and streamlined skincare routine, get everything from Drunk Elephant plus a hydrating mask. You will be set.

*Some of my friends say the baby facial is too harsh on the skin. It will tingle quite a bit since it has 25% AHA, the highest percentage of AHA I’ve ever seen in a product. But If you bear with it, your skin will be as smooth and plump as a baby bump.


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