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What I do to avoid dry flaky skin this winter?

Winter is not my favorite season, especially this year. To be more precise, it’s the past two weeks of this winter. It was windy, brutally cold, and I felt itchy all the time, not because I did not shower,  because my skin was so dry. And because of that, I have tried and tested a couple of tips that worked for me dealing with dryness (aside from drinking more water).


#1 Don’t wash your face in the shower

Hot water can dry your skin out – don’t tell me you can pleasantly have a shower with lukewarm water during winter time, which is what you are supposed to wash your face with. I always try to remove my makeup and cleanse my face at the sink before jumping into the shower. It is also a good way for you to focus on properly removing your makeup.


#2 Use oil cleansers morning & night, not foamy ones

Oil cleansers are much less stripping than foamy cleansers or gel cleansers. Although foamy cleansers give you the satisfying squeaky-clean feeling, they tend to strip out your natural oils. Oil cleansers, however, can bind to dirt take off “bad oils” with good oils, so leaving skin clean but also hydrated. My favorite ones are One Love Organics enzyme cleansing oil and Farmacy cleansing balm. The Eve Lom cleansing balm and Omorovicza thermal cleansing balm are more luxurious options that make you feel like being in a spa.


#3 Try not to use physical exfoliates

Use an enzyme mask instead of physical exfoliates. Enzyme masks can also remove dead skin and exfoliate, but much gentler than scrubs. A recent discovery of mine is the Eminence Yam and Pumpkin enzyme peelIt might sound intense,  in fact, it is more gentle than any mud or exfoliating mask I’ve ever used.  My skin never feels dry after using this,  only smoother, plumper and brighter.


#4 Hydrating serum+Oil + Moisturizer

Yes, use every hydrating product you own, just be mindful of the sequence of application. Hydrating serums have smaller molecule than oil. If you use oil first, serum won’t penetrate deep into the skin. Some might say they don’t like oily oils. If you warm it up between your hands before pressing onto the skin, the oil should be absorbed quite quickly. Although my rule of thumb for winter night is that my skin should look really shiny and oily before bed, bear with it your skin would not be dry with skin peeling off in the morning.


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