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5 absolute essentials you need in your skincare routine

Every time I went on and on about skincare, someone in the group always say “all those steps, I am too lazy for that”, which I totally understand! My husband always tease me about me taking an hour putting on all the products and another hour taking them off and putting on more. For all you quick-and-get-it-done girls out there, I am going to share my thoughts on the products I absolutely cannot live without in my skincare routine.


Cleansing Oil

The first and most crucial step is cleansing – a cleansing oil. I am in the process of phasing out my foamy cleansers, because although they give you the satisfying squeaky-clean feeling, they tend to strip out your natural oils and cause more oil production from skin to rebalance it, which could very possibly lead to large pores and breakouts.


Oil cleansers, however, can bind to dirt without clogging the pores and take off “bad oils” with good oils, so leaving skin clean and hydrated. My facialist at Heyday told me if you want to double cleanse, you should also do it with an oil, but of course this would require you getting a good oil cleanser. My favorite one so far is the the one love organics cleansing oil with Vitamin B and Enzyme (also recommended by facialist at  – smells amazing and leaves your skin even plumper and hydrated than before you cleanse it! I also use this one for the morning time. Before, I was using the glossier milky jelly cleanser, but my skin became drier in the winter, it can make my skin flaky. one love organics cleansing oil  does not do this at all.


I am definitely stocking up on this, once I’ve finished using another one in my collection, the solid oil cleanser by Farmacy – also made with amazing clean ingredients and is a more cost-effective option, one tub can last 2-3 months.







Face Oil

Many people are scared of face oils – I was one of them. But now it’s one of my favorite step in my routine and completely changed my skin from oily to combination (almost neutral now). My favorite one is the rose hip oil from MV Organics (on my second bottle). Rose hip oil is a versatile product, rich in fatty acids, vitamin C and vitamin A, it calms, hydrates, protect skin from free radicals and also helps with reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Basically 3 bottles of serums in one. The other really good ones I’ve tried and loved are drunk elephant marula oil  and Kora noni glow face oil.


Personally, I feel it balances my skin oil & water level. Since I started using face oils, I see less excessive oil production and less breakouts. Be mindful that you should use it as the last step before your moisturizer if you want to put on other serums, or it will block other serums from penetrating into the skin.


*Bottom line: I truly believe everyone need to have face oil in their routine.


All the expensive serums, oils and creams will be wasted if you don’t put on sunscreen! A large part of your skin damages, dehydration and aging come from UV rays and environmental toxins, sunscreens protect your skin from all that. It is the foundation of good skin. My favorite all-year-round sunscreen, which I just discovered this year, is the Elta MD sunscreen , no weird smell, no white residue and you can choose accordingly to your skin type. I don’t see myself moving away from this sunscreen any time soon. I found the one!


Face Cream /& Eye Cream

This is a no brainer. You need face cream to seal in all the hydration. Find the best one that’s within your budget and does not make you breakout – as I do find coconut oil and mineral oils tend to make me break out. A recent love is the Skin Ceuticals triple lipid restore cream. Before I got the full size, I tried a sample and overnight I saw change it my skin, less redness and smoother texture. I will do a separate blog post on this cream.


You can certainly use some face creams around your eye area, the ones that are not irritating around eye area and heavy enough for eye area that need more hydration than face cream; which does not sound easy right?


This is why I still recommend get a eye cream. Eye area has no oil glands and the skin tends to be more dry and show signs of aging much faster than rest of the face. So it need to be treated differently than rest of the face. As someone who’s obsessed with oils, I actually started to use the UMA eye oils this winter and found it much more hydrating than using eye creams alone.






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