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#ShopwithChi: Zara I love>hate you.

You either love or hate Zara; hate it for stealing bits and pieces from Designers’ collections each year and mass produce them at a lower price point. Love it for bringing high fashion from celebrities and magazines to become accessible for almost everyone. This season, I feel my love has gradually exceeds the hate, especially after I learned what pieces to buy at Zara. Repeat after me: never the basics.


Zara is not known for its spectacular fabric or cut, but for the ‘wow factor” that usually costs you a fortune in other brands (also the reason why people despise Zara). Buy pieces that are unexpected and you cannot buy elsewhere at the same price point, like a knit with pom poms (currently obsessed with).


A Zara collection that makes my saliva pooling is the Studio collection, which is a black/white collection with really sophisticated, trendy but also classic pieces. I have no words. I want it all. Ok practically speaking, I will probably get the V-neck dress, the checked blazer.

Short Dress with V-Neck – $129

Cable-Knit Sweater with Lace – $69.9

Shirt Dress with Pleated Skirt – $129

Checked Blazer with  Back Buckle – $169

Daytime skincare kit – $88 ($108 value)

Open Back Long Dress – $129

I am usually a neutral-tone girl. But the company I work at has no formal dress code and is full of free-spirit people that kinda gave me the urge to get out of my comfortable zone and try some colors – Zara has plenty to offer this season.

Embroidered Handbag – $89.9

Striped Sweater with PomPoms – $59.9

Embroidered Velvet Dress  – $69.9

Bejewelled Faux Fur Coat – $149.9

PomPom Sweater – $49.9

Embroidered Shirt – $39.9

Printed Dress with Elastic Detail – $69.9

Pleated Velvet Skirt – $39.9

Faux Fur Jacket- $119

The shoes and accessories are unexpectedly amazing. Countless times I asked my friends and colleagues where their shoes are from thinking they are $700+ and turned out to be Zara’s.

Floral Earrings – $19.9

Blocked Heel – $59.9

Ankle Boots with Faux Pearls – $139.9

Sock-Style Ankle Boots -$59.9

Bejeweled Leather Ballerina’s – $59.9

Kitten Heel Faux Patent Ankle Boots – $39.9

Hoop Earrings – $15.9

Checked Earrings -$15.9

Knotted High heel Slingback- $49.9

Want to see more?  More to check out on shop my picks.

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