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A round up of Glossier products and yada yada yada…

The internet probably is crowded with Glossier reviews now. Still, I thought I should do a round up on Gossier products in this one post so you can plan you shopping accordingly – to make your life easier – my goal with all my blog posts – I personally don’t like blog posts with a bunch of photos and no words. You?


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Products I would repurchase:


Body hero daily perfecting cream: Honestly, I am not a huge fan of the floral smell. I like it and It does smell expensive – it’s just I am more a woody notes kind of girl. However, the texture and finish are amazing – nourishing but not sticky. I would definitely repurchase it for winter.


Cloud paint: never have I love a cream blush so much. These are natural-looking, long-lasting & multi-tasking cream blushes with amazing color selections. They are my favorite products from Glossier – I really have nothing to complain about. I have all 4 colors…


Moon mask: I will restock this hydrating mask for this winter. Because they are really affordable (a.k.a reasonably priced compared to other brands), what I like to do is to apply a generous amount on my face right after I get out of the shower and then put on body cream or dry my hair while my skin’s soaking up the mask. After it turns from milky to clear, I will wash it off. I use the mask everyday last winter for extra bit of hydration, it still lasted a long time.


Balm Dotcom – Birthday Cake: The scent is absolutely divine. You would think a scent called birthday cake is artificially sweet, but this smells exactly like birthday cake from the Milky store. I feel so much joy every time I put it on. And yeah, scent aside, it is moisturizing.


Milky Jelly Cleanser: I am on my fourth one now. This is the only cleanser I use in the morning.


Generation G: If you want non-drying matte blotted lip, you must get the generation G/ My favorite colors are cake – a everyday nude and zip – a warm-tone coral red. My only complain is that the lipsticks do smell funny – but you do not smell it once you put it on.


Boy Brow: I am on my 6th one now. And I don’t really need brow pencils. A classic must-have from Glossier.


Body hero

daily perfecting cream

Milky jelly cleanser

Cloud Paint

Balm Dot Com – Birthday Cake

Boy Brow

Moon Mask

Generation G


Products that are meh


Body hero daily oil wash: I very much like the idea of a shower oil. But it does not lather – it turns milky liquid with water. That makes me feel I am not washing my body.


Invisible shield: I was so excited for it but it makes me break out and dries out my skin, which is something I heard from others as well.


Wowder powder and brush: The brush is too flat for powder , you might use it for contour or blushes. It does come with a very cute pouch. And the powder does not do much – no coverage and setting power is low.


Haloscope: There are so many good highlighter in the market now, this one is overshadowed by a lot better ones out there. The highlighter is too sutble and the balmy part of the highlighting stick not only mess with your foundations, but also made me break out so bad.


Balm Dotcom – Original: The original one is too boring to spend money on, go for the birthday cake one, minty one or the tinted cherry one (unless you are sensitive to fragrance)


Wowder Powder

Invisible Shield


Body hero daily oil body wash

Super pure serum

Priming moisturizer rich


Products I’ve heard really good things about and might try:


Priming moisturizer rich: I heard this is so much better than the original priming moisturizer. I tried it in the Glossier showroom, the fact that it has lavender oil in it sold it to me.


Super pure serum: The emerging beauty brand the Ordinary put me off from trying Glossier’s serums, which are similar but more pricy. But I ‘ve heard a lot of bloggers talk about their love for the super pure serum – especially from my favorite blogger the Anna edit (she is so honest and down-to-earth without any fake laughs and whooo haa)


This is the end of it for now – word on the street is that they are bringing out a new fragrance and candles – although scent is a make-it-or-break-it type of product.

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