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I am back with a new favorite makeup brand – Colourpop!

I’ve been away from blogging for the past two months and ta da…I am back!I hate when people say I cannot do this because I was too busy with some other stuff – If you want to do something, you can always find time for it. But yes (not shameful at all), I am going to say that I work my ass off during my summer internship that I did not have the mental strength to work on blog posts on weekends. Although, I was really into photography and posted quite a bit on Instagram (click bait )


Ok..The no-brainer post to do is when I am back after two months is what I’ve been loving. Honestly, the one and only thing that I’ve been obsessed with is Colourpop…I still cannot get over the fact that such affordable band can have these amazing products that surpass the quality of many higher-end products.


I am going to show you some of my most-used shadows and lip products in this post. Colourpop’s shadows are the creamiest and most pigmented shadows I’ve ever used. Their texture are similar to mashed potatoes (by that I mean a wet texture), so they blend really easily. I especially like their shimmers; some of my favorites are Sequin, Flipper and Party of Five (a anniversary limited-edition shadow), and a palette that’s kept selling out : Yes Please

My favorite lip products from the brand are the matte liquid lipsticks. The formula’s just like many high-end matte lipsticks, long-lasting and not super drying.  And like the shadows, the color selection’s enormous (I have to say, colourpop has good taste in colors) The trick tho, is to only apply one layer, and that would be enough; or you will have product buildups. Trouble Maker and MAMA are my favorites from this line. Doozy‘s a color from the ultra blotted lipstick collection; the color’s a bit too pink for my liking, but  I’ve been really enjoying its super natural blotted finish that’s similar to glossier’s lipsticks. I am intrigued to explore more colors from this line.

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