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How to get through a busy week with good (if not amazing) skin

An ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure. The smartest approach would be to get prepared early (no brainer huh), eat clean and healthy, maybe do a 7-day juice detox before that busy week. But hey, we rarely have the luxury to know if we are going to be stressful in xx days time until we are actually in the situation and with 3 zits popping up (me last week).


Bad skin is just piling up on the stress you already have. If you cannot stop being busy and stressed, try to find a way to manage it. Last week, by some miracle or due to the remedies I did, I was able to make my stress pimples disappear in a week and my skin did not go down the path of absolute sh**hole- thought you can try some of them for when you are in need.



Other than trying really hard not to stress eating , supplements are really useful for helping your body and skin handling stress. I did not realize the huge difference supplements make until I experienced it myself.


**Not Sponsored** I have been taking Care/of supplements for two months now. It’s a supplement subscription service that you can take a test online, putting in your health info and your concerns, it will give you a list of vitamins that suit your body and concerns; you can then either order directly online or take the test result and buy supplements yourself.


I have 4 type of supplements in my pack, for better skin, digestion and improve energy and destress.



The time when I realize the effect of supplements is when I had some days last month that I forgot to take those supplements, I can feel my energy level dropped in those days and later realize it’s because I forgot to take supplements.


I strongly recommend you try out Care/of, which not only save you the time doing research but also deliver every-day packet that you can easily take with you everywhere.


Water …with lemon juice

This is an old tactic that you’ve probably heard a million times – but cliches exist because they are true. It really is the simplest and inexpensive way to hydrate, brighten skin, and to improve body immune system. Whenever I feel stressed or about to get sick, I always take a glass of water (hot/cold) with lemon juice in the morning and at night, it never disappoints me.


Exfoliating Pads + Hydrating Mask:

The quickest way to revamp your skin is to use a combination of exfoliating pads and hydrating mask, every single day. In special times, you have treat your skin with special care. These are both new products that I’ve tried recently but together with the above tactics, they were able to cure my stress breakouts in one week.


I use Dr. Dennis Gross’s daily peel every night first step after cleansing. The peel is gentle yet extremely effective, with a combination of 7 acids, including glycolic acid, salicylic acid, mandelic  acid and lactic acid. It resurfaces and smooths the skin without any irritation. The first pad is to exfoliate and you wait 2 minutes to use the second pad to neutralize the acid.

After the peel, I use the Farmacy deep moisture coconut gel mask to replenish the skin. This has to be one of the best Masks I’ve used in a long time. It has a gel texture that cling to your face like your second skin and provide deep hydration with Echinacea GreenEnvy (don’t know exactly what it is but it sounds moisturizing) and cucumber extract. You can still feel and see the effect of the mask the next day – the plumpness and brightness of your skin. Even it costs $8/mask, I still believe it’s money well spent.




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