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Makeup Brushes – for Beginners

When I first started using makeup, my 10 fingers are all I have to apply products: middle fingers for eyeshadows, index fingers for foundations… Everything works ok until I end up with uneven foundation, unblended shadows and dirty fingers that stains everything I touched.


Beauty brushes is a hard terrain to explore. Why there are so many? What are they for?  They may seem like an extra step, but if you get hold of the right ones, your application process will me much more smoother and faster.




I recommend keep 2 brushes and 2 beauty blenders/sponges in your collection; as they can get dirty really quickly and you don’t want to get acnes because of them. I like to use a kabuki / flat head brush first, and use a circular emotion to roughly blend in the foundation, then use a damp beauty blender/sponge to pat in foundations and make them look seamless and more natural.


My favorite and most-used foundation brush is the Sigma kabuki brush, it has dense but super soft synthetic hairs that blends everything away like a dream, but it can still keep the coverage of your foundation. Beauty blenders, for sure, the best one is the original beauty blender. There are so many dupes out in the market, but no else is the same as the original one.


The real technique’s tools are more affordable options, they are backups for when I forgot to wash the other ones.



I bought this brush as it was love at first sight, its shape is so unique and beautiful, it reminds me of magic wands in Harry Potter. But it turns to be as good as it looks. It can pick up just the right amount of powder – so no need to worry about overdoing your blushes. The shape of the brush also makes it versatile for different purposes.




The ONE eyeshadow brush you really need is MAC 217 blending brush. It’s like a magic brush, literally all you need to do is to simply use your finger to place shadows on your eyelids, then blend out the edges and lines between colors, and then viola, your eye look will be perfection.


Another favorite of my is the small angled brush from Sephora. It has the perfect shape for applying nose contour powders.





You will be surprised at how good the qualities of Sephora brushes are. I have many from the brand but my current favorite is its powder brush. It is so big, fluffy and comfy I feel it just can lift up my spirit as the final step of my makeup before I rush out of the door in the morning.


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