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Beaty Spot: Cult Beauty

My obsession with podcast (and Youtube) has lead to me to yet another great podcast, At home with.. , hosted by youtubers Anna (from the Anna Edit) and Lily Pebbles; in which they conducted interviews with these amazing women in beauty, like Lisa Eldridge and founder of By Terry. In this week’s episode, they interviewed the co-founder of cult beauty, Alexia Inge; which made me realize – I haven’t written anything about Cult Beauty in my blog yet!

Why this happened is beyond me, since Cult Beauty has been my go-to place to buy beauty products (other than Sephora). This is the place that does not have almost every brand, but every single one on the site is as good as a brand can get, no exception, big or small brands – “Sunday Riley, MV Organic, Charlotte Tilbury, Pixi, Huda, Tata Harper, Oskia”¬†

On top of that, if you live in the US, full price of the product on site is usually 70% of the price of those same products sold in the states (no VAT taxes); and for 50 pound you get free worldwide shipping.

Summer goody bag promotion is going on:

***This post sounds very “sponsory”, because I do love Cult Beauty so. ***



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