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Because beauty shouldn’t cost you a fortune

I used to consider ColourPop as a brand intended for teenagers, with their somewhat flamboyant image (and I think myself as someone at the age that use “serious makeup”); until I could not hold my curiosity anymore and got myself a super shock eyeshadow set.

OMG, their eyeshadows have the best formulas I’ve ever seen – super soft and creamy. When you touch them, they sink in a little bit like cushions (just because they are so creamy). They are really pigmented and really long lasting as well.

I seriously consider only use ColourPop‘s eyeshadows from now on. With only a fraction of other brands’ eyeshadows, it has one of the most luxurious formula and gorgeous color selections; especially with eyeshadows, you always want to try new colors; with ColourPop, you can keep up with this ever-changing industry without breaking the bank!

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