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Review: Dr.Jart+ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment

From my experience, if a product’s review score on Sephora is above 4.3, it will be ok if not great; ok, until this one.

I was looking for something to help me banishing all the redness on my face. I came across Dr.Jart’s Tiger Grass Correcting Cream in store. The description on the jar sounds like a dream. It covers and treats skin redness. Plus, it suppose to be a tinted moisturizer type of product – perfect for when I want to have a no-makeup makeup day.  It turned out to be nothing like that.

First, it’s not moisurizing at all. It appears to be, with its thick texture, it feels heavy upon applying. But even with face oil on before this, my skin became drier and drier throughout the day (and I have combination skin).

It corrects redness, but turns your face green. So unless you want to look like the hulk, you really should not apply it to the whole face like a tinted moisturizer like I did. Instead, use it as a primer and apply normal foundation afterwards.

I can deal with its not moisturizing enough or turn my face green, the real deal breaker is that it broke me out so badly! I tried three times, every time at the end of day, my chin and nose area, where I apply most of the products, would have these tiny little bumps and white heads that takes 3-4 days to disappear.

Of course this is my personal experience, many apparently love this product to death. My suggestion? Buy from Sephora where you can return or get a sample size first.


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