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Cotton Facial Pads You Need in Your Life

To remove eye makeups: Sephora Soft Touch Cotton Pads

You want something cheap, durable, and gentle on the eyes. Voila, Sephora’s cotton pads are your perfect choice. For $4 you can get 70 of these babies. They don’t leave those annoying tiny cotton wools on your face like some other drugstore pads do, while still are soft enough to not irritate your skin.

To apply toners and lotions: Shiseido Facial Cotton

I am so late to the party! These Shiseido facial cotton are like cotton from Heaven – they are so soft.  Never have I used cotton pads as soft as these. And that is not the only reason why you should use them to apply toner and lotions (and want to keep rubbing them on your face). The don’t absorb liquids as much as other pads, so you will not waste any products using them.

To use as face masks: Muji 4 Layers Cotton Pads

If you want to use pads + toner/lotion/liquid serum as a DIY face mask (which I just realized is an Asian thing, but you should definitely try it’s budget friendly and the result is amazing), you cannot do wrong with Muji 4 Layers Cotton Pads. They are designed to be used as the face mask, hence the easily-separable 4 layers. You can just pour toner/lotion/liquid onto the whole pad, and then separate them into 4 pieces to put them all over your face.  [Michelle Pham was already doing this trick 10 years ago. No wonder she is the ultimate beauty guru. ]

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