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Travel to Cuba – Why No Internet was Actually a Bliss

My biggest fear, before traveling to Cuba two weeks ago, was that there would be no internet connection there. Text messaging and phone calling are also extremely expensive. So basically, it means you are isolated from the rest of the world the entire time you are in Cuba, no Instagram and Snapchat for you to prove to others you are having a good time; or anything for you to look down at to avoid awkward eye contact.

It turned out, this digital-detox trip was the best trip I’ve had in years, AND IT WAS BECAUSE there was no internet available. Because you can finally use your own eyes to look at this beautiful country without busy snapchatting; you can have deep, heart-to-heart conversations with you friend during each meal with no one staring at their phones anymore; you can really be in peace and hear the voice inside you without all the distracting information popping in front your eyes when you scroll through every piece of news, every single email, and social media channels.

I highly recommend you to go to Cuba, not only for its gorgeous sea views or $2 mojitos, but also for this rare opportunity to stay off the grid and be …free!


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