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Review: Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Blush

Do people buy glossier for the products themselves? Probably! But there are tons of alternatives out there. People buy Glossier because there is no other Glossier in the market.

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When I saw this new cloud blush coming out, I thought to myself, how different could this blush be, compare to others? Except it is a Glossier product and looks so cool as always. I was so intrigued that I purchased even though I have 50 other blushes in my collection. ( A recent favorite is Bite Beauty’s Multistick)

I got two colors, a brownish one (dusk) for contouring and an orangy one (beam) to use on the cheek. The formula is like a liquid foundation, a thicker liquid texture, one I’ve never seen before in other blushes. There is no sparkle, the finish is matte and has no sheen to it. It’s quite sheer but not to the point that when you blend it out, there is nothing to be seen.

What really impressed me about this blush is its longevity. Usually, the problem with cream or liquid blush is that they disappear in an hour. The cloud blush leaves a stain on your skin that can last all day long. Believe me, I’ve tested it, for a week!

Another interesting thing I noticed is that the tube makes it more hygienic to get the product out, maybe that is why this blush expires 18 MONTH after opening. I think this might be the first blush that I will use up before it expires.

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