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Pack With Me: Skincare Edition

When it comes to packing, I like to start early, by early I mean one week early. Nothing scares me more than forgetting “essentials” at home. I am going to Cuba for spring break next week, and I thought I could show you what I pack in my suitcases, and break it down to Skincare, Makeup, and Outfits.

Skincare wise, Cuba is humid and hot, so I like to keep everything light. Also, I make sure I cleanse well every day to avoid any breakouts.


Eye/Lip Makeup Remover

Ok..I never understand why so many beauty bloggers remove eye, lip and face makeup all together in one go in their tutorials. They smear eye liner, lip stain before removing everything, not a good idea to rub lipstick and eye makeup all over your face and muslin cloth people!

I always make sure to remove eye makeup and lip first (and properly) before moving on to the whole face. I always get this sample Lancome Eye Makeup Remover for travel when it’s in Sephora’s points redeem program. It’s hands down my favorite eye makeup remover, easily remove even the most waterproof mascara.

Face Makeup Remover

I do not need to rave more about this Tatcha Camelia Cleansing Oil (previous review here): cleanse well, not stripping, and leave no oil residue. I saved this sample (the good stuff) for when I’m traveling.


I packed two sample cleanser for this trip. The first one is GlamGlow’s Super Mud Cleanser. The great thing about it is that you can use it as an exfoliating mask first by applying onto dry face and then foam it up with water as a cleanser. The other one is Amore Pacific’s Deep Foaming Cleanser. It’s suitable for both day and night. It is a bit dry for winter, but for summer it is just perfection!


I’ve never actually tried these two hydrating serums before. I happened to have these sample sizes in my collection. First Aid Beauty and Belif are two of my favorite brands and have some of my most loved products, so I am almost certain these two serums are just as good.

Eye Cream

My new favorite eye cream, from Tula, for warmer seasons. It has a gel texture, really light but really hydrating. It lays extremely well under makeup because it absorbs right in after application. Considering how easily makeup smudges around my eyes, I am always monitoring “smudging situation” around that area. This definitely does not mess with any of that



Nothing beats the Belif Aqua Bomb for spring and summer, especially for under makeup. It makes your skin so supple and smooth that it is almost like a primer. For night time, I got this Tula Day and Night Moisturizer which is a new-found gem. it is moisturizing but also has probiotic formulated in it so it can help with reducing wrinkles and killing bacterias.

Face Oil

Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil is such a classic. I’ve been bombarded with so many options that I almost forgot how amazing this oil is. Formulated with evening primrose oil, lavender oil, and squalane, it replenishes, hydrates and calms your skin. I remember it did wonders when I had a lot of acnes back in the day.

Face Mist

I always love to have a bottle of face mist with me during trips. Well, this time, I have two! One is First Aid Beauty Vital Green Face Mist, just because I love the refreshing smell of it and want to use it up.

One from Shiseido that I just bought from Sephora. I tried in store and it is amazing! It magically reduces shine, rehydrates and makes everything looks better. I don’t know how it does that but I am truly impressed!

Face Mask

I heard so many good things about these Belif and Dr. Jart hydration sheet masks I just need to try them out. I will report back on the results soon I promise!

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