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The much cheaper (and better) version of Creme de La Mer

Creme de La Mer has been the holy grail of moisturizer for a long time. It is known for the healing power of its “miracle broth”  and the intensity of moisture. Well, given the hefty price tag it better works right? I still like the products, but since I started going to graduate school, no income means I need to be smarter about budgeting (love the Money Diaries series on Man Repeller ) So I decided to look for other options of moisturizers.

l rediscovered First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream when my friend Emily gifted me these two giant gift boxes of FAB products (gift your friend one of these they will love you more!). I almost forgot how much I loved their products before until I started using them again. Developed for people with sensitive skins, all FAB’s products are free of all the nasty ingredients, fragrance, alcohol, paraben and wait for it….no Mineral Oil or Petroleum!

My skin usually does not have a problem with mineral oil and petroleum, but they are known to clog pores or cause acnes for some people; because the way they moisturize your skin is basically by staying on top of your skin and shield moisture from getting out. Unfortunately, they are two of the main ingredients in Creme de La Mer. So if you have acne-prone/sensitive skin, you might want to try FAB’s Ultra Repair Intense Hydration Cream, the safer and cheaper option.

This moisturizer has the texture of thick whipped cream, but not as thick as Creme de La Mer and t you won’t need to warm it up before application. The cream absorbs really quickly and you can almost feel it treat your dry patches – any irritation from dryness disappear right afterward. It also helps with eczema and rashes. Since one huge tub costs only $30, I also use it generously on my elbows and neck.

I’ve spent the past 2 months using FAB instead of Lamer, honestly, I don’t feel much difference except my night time routine took less time and oh yeah.. my credit card bill is much less scary to look at.


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