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Are Eyelash Extension Worth the Money?

I’ve had my doubts but I am falling back in love with it again. It’s addicting to look fabulous 24 hours and to spend only 30 minutes getting ready in the morning. Think about all those time saved from putting on eye makeup and photoshopping (only occasionally).

From my experience, the first time is quite hard to get through. It’s difficult to wash your face without getting water in your eyes. And because your eyelashes are not used to all this weight, they fall out pretty quickly. I’ve given up before at this stage. What’s the point of spending that much money if they cannot stay put? This time, I tried retouching after the first three weeks, and as if my eyelashes got used it, they still look great three weeks after retouching. The place I have my eyelash extension’s done here in NYC is a place called Bling Lash, highly recommend the place girls there have really delicate hands.


The downside of all this is, of course, the cost. The first pair cost about $120 excluding tips. Every 3-4 weeks you need to spend $80 on retouching. Now as I am typing the numbers my hand shake a little bit. I also miss the pure satisfaction out of curling eyelashes and putting on mascaras, which I am sure you know what I am talking about if you are a beauty lover.

But I have to say, eyelash extension is like getting bangs (which I also have), once you get in it takes a lot more effort to drag yourself out. So my suggestion is, think if you are really ready to make the commitment before you even try it out.

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