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How I feel about the L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation

Normally I would not gravitate toward any drugstore foundations because, well, they are just not as good as high-end ones (at least from my experience). But there is just so many hype around the L’oreal True Match Cushion Foundation, I could not resist the temptation when I was strolling around in Duade Reade last week for new things to try.

I’ve tried a fare share of cushion foundations, they are so quick & easy to apply. My favorite one so far is Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion Foundation (read my review here). And my least favorite one overall, surprise, surprise, is the L’oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation.

Price: It all comes down to maths. L’oreal has a price tag of $15, looks like it’s way cheaper than Sulwhasoo’s ($60). But Sulwhasoo’s cushion comes with a full-size refill, that’s two products in one. So to make it comparable to the L’oreal Lumi, Sulwhasoo’s actually costs only $30 for one cushion.

And after I look deeper into the size of these two products, one refill of Sulwhasoo’s contains 1oz of products, and L’oreal Lumi contains only 0.5 oz of products. So essentially for the same amount of product, two products cost the same. Yet Sulwhasoo’s has good-for-skin essential oil as well as a SPF 50+ .

Color Choices: L’oreal Lumi actually is the best in color range, from light to warm and dark skin tones, it offers 16 different colors. While asian brands like Sulwhasoo and Iope only has 3-6 colors.

Formula: The formula of L’oreal Lumi might be more suitable for summer just because It’s not hydrating at all, and because of that it does not blend as well as other cushion foundations do with my skin. When I first apply it, it feels liquidy and I thought it was gonna be hydrating; but once it settled down, it sticked to my dry patches (I have combination to dry skin in winter) and my face looks even worse than without makeup on.

Bottom line, I do not recommend this product.

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