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Bite Beauty: Lipsticks that are good enough to eat

I’ve been thinking, how many lipstick have I eaten through drinking coffee & eating food with lipstick on? I know you are suppose to take off your lipstick before eating, but who really does that? Not me!

Although I’ve been using its agave lip mask for almost over a year now, I’ve recently discovered that Bite Beauty products contains mostly natural and organic ingredients that are good enough to eat. With this in mind, I decided to give more of their products a try.

Amuse Bouche Lipstick: Oh..where should I start! The Color is incredibly vibrant and long-lasting, and the formula is very creamy and moisturizing, it’s like a perfect combination of lip balm and lipstick. It’s now become my favorite lipstick in place of Charlotte Tilbury’s matte revolution line.

The Multistick: Applies like a cream and wears like a powder – it’s easy to blend like a cream but has the staying power of a powder. I’ve tried it on eyes, lips and cheeks, it works perfect all three ways. Read more here.

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