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The Best Eyeliners (that actually stay put)

A good eyeliner to me is one, easy to draw and control , cause I am really bad at drawing. And two, never smudges , I won’t have myself looking like a panda at the end of a day ever again. To save your money and time on choosing, I will give you recommendations with best of the best, one eye pencil and one liquid eye liner.

Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Liner Trio

Funny story, I could not even remember why I bought this eyeliner. I think I was just eying something to try in Duade Reade and somehow decided to go for this eyeliner set. And it turns out to be my best drugstore purchase ever. The eyeliner is really soft and creamy, easy to draw and control; but the longevity is surprisingly good for such formula. I usually only have some minor smudges around the outer corner of my eyes at the end of the day. Plus the subtle shimmer of this eyeliner make your eyes sparkles.

*Sidenote: I used to really love the Stila Waterproof Eye Liner; unfortunately my skin seems to be allergic to its formula. My eyelids can get really itchy and swollen whenever I use it. So now I am too scared to even try.

Jouer ‘Kitten’ Liner

Ok.. I did not purchase this one myself. My boss gave it to me as a gift. This eyeliner don’t budge, period! I have cried with this eyeliner on twice, both time I still ended up with perfect eyeliner on fleak!

Also, this felt-tip liquid eyeliner, to me, is the easiest to draw because the tip is not as soft as other eyeliner tips. You can get some ultra-precise line even if you are new to this whole shebang.

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