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My Top Tips On Being More Efficient

I used to be the queen of procrastination. Admit it, we’ve all been there! But it’s not us, it’s the allurement of social media, cozy beds and pure satisfaction out of just doing nothing.

One of my 2016 resolutions was to be more efficient; specifically, achieve three goals on my to-do list everyday. I think I did pretty well (kinda). So at the start of this year, I want to share with you my experience and tips I’ve learned on becoming more efficient.

1. Making List & Invest in a good notebook: Planning is key. I used to be someone that start to do whatever pop into my head at the moment . At the end of day I usually end up with nothing finished. A good way to plan is to start with your yearly goals, and split it to more specific monthly/weekly/daily goals. But don’t write a daily to-do list the size of an island, you will feel discouraged by not finishing most of them and eventually gave up making list and sticking to them. A way I find work well for me is to write down 3 goals everyday, nothing more, just 3. If I finish them early, I can do whatever I want the rest of the day. (Inspired by the book The Productivity Project.)

Also, invest in a good notebook that you love to use and can bring around everyday without falling apart. My favorites, surprise, surprise, are still the Moleskine notebooks. The red one is for scheduling and to-do list and the beige one is for making notes of books and articles. The layout and paper quality of Moleskine’s planner are just my favorites.

2. SelfControl App: A secret weapon of mine to deal with internet distraction is this free app my friend introduced me to years ago. It’s an app you can use on your laptop to set up a timer, and during the time it blocks all internet connection; or you can set up a black list of the websites you want to stop yourself from visiting (youtube /into the gloss / man repeller…just to name a few) in the time period. Even if you restart you laptop or quit the program, you still cannot connect to those website until the timer stops. Trust me, I have tried, so many times…

3. Reward yourself: You can train yourself like training a puppy! I have to say it works like a dream on me. When I set a major goal that is hard to achieve; I will promise myself something like if I finish it by a certain time, I can spend $50 in Sephora or buy myself a new dress. Now almost all my non-grocery purchases are earned this way and hard projects are not that hard anymore. (Below is an example of such from Cult Beauty)

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Born and raised in China; went to to NYU for College and going to Columbia Business School for Marketing Degree this fall. I have worked in the beauty industry for a year after graduating from college. But my obsession with beauty starts since high school, when I suffered from acnes. That being said, I have tried out a lot of skincare products as well as makeup and I have a lot of opinions on them (also high standards). I hope this is the place you can visit from time to time to find beauty inspirations or just to kill time :)