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Products I will repurchase in 2017

2016 is the year I really begin to keep track of beauty products I like and don’t like. It is also the year I realize that there are so so many good products out there. So 2016 favorites? I have a ton. But taking into account price and accessibility, there are only a few I will definitely repurchase in 2017 (some are already on the way 🙂 ).



I have combination skin, oily around the nose area and dry in cheeks. I have clogged pores and occasional acne.

One Love Organics: I got to know this cleansing oil when I did a facial at the Heyday. I was first attracted to it by the fruity smell and later by how my skin feels afterward – clean but not squeaky. It’s formulated with organic fruit and sunflower oil and emulsify really easily; so you don’t have to worry about the whole oil clogging pores shebang. One pump is enough for the whole face.

MV Organic Oil: Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you cannot use a face oil. They have completely transformed my skin since I started including them in my everyday routine this fall – my acne has disappeared and skin becomes visiblly more supple and bright.

The one that I use religiously every day, morning and night  and will definitely repurchase in 2017 is the rose face oil by MV Organic (an Australian organic brand). It has all-natural organic ingredients and is a blend of rose hip oil, rose oil and geranium oil . It has got me out of so many skin mishaps, from flaky dry cheeks to painful acnes and hyper pigmentation. I use it at night, as a hydrating/brightening serum, right before my moisturizer. I also use it in the morning starting this winter, mainly on the cheek area, under makeup. This prevents your skin from getting dry and flaky in the day, your foundation will blend better and stay put. Applying it this way gives you the most natural dewy skin that no highlighter can beat.


Tatcha Rice Enzyme PowderI was born with skin that has very bad metabolism, meaning my pores get clogged easily. I cannot rely on my skin’s self-exfoliation and need products to help with my skin exfoliation. Tatcha’s rice enzyme powder is especially good for someone like me because it’s gentle yet effective. I can safely use it every day: at night when my skin feels rough, or in the morning to have a smooth base for makeup.

Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment: The smell really puts me off at first (though some of my friends do like the lemongrass smell). The product itself is so amazing that I’ve still used up three bottles despite the smell. It’s a potent exfoliating treatment that exfoliates and brightens. I found it especially good for getting rid of blackheads and whitehead. But don’t worry about it making your skin dry and peel; only smoother, younger and clearer.

Johnson’s Baby Oil: A good old classic – gives you the most sensational smell and softest skin with the lowest price point. I rub it on my body everyday right after shower when my body is still a little bit wet – this will make it easier to apply and absorbed better.


My standard for makeup: natural, long lasting and do not smudge! 

It Cosmetics CC cream: The best beauty find of 2016 just because it’s so hard to find a good foundation. This one is creamy, really hydrating, has a medium to full coverage and gives the most natural dewy finish that nobody can tell if you are wearing foundation or not – hence the name: your skin but better CC cream. Plus a SPF 50 + (UVA/UVB), this is the best thing ever!

Jouer Kitten Liner:  A gift from my boss. I would not buy it myself if it is not given to me; because there are not as many  hype around this one as the Stila’s and Kat Von D’s.

It turns out that Jouer’s kitten liner beats them all. The brush head is not the felt-tip kind, which for me is easier to draw and control the thickness of the line. And this eyeliner never smudges! With eyeliner on, I’ve got through several bawling in public, embarrassing but at least my eye makeup still looks perfect.

Bite Beauty Multistick: I am obsessed! The concept with this product is that you can use it on your eyes, your cheeks or your lips. Not a brand new idea but the formula is the best of its kind. The stick has a cream slash powdery finish once applied on skin. So it blends really well with the skin, at the same time its lasting power is much better than the normal kind of cream product. I’ve tried it on eyes, lips and cheeks, it works perfect all three ways.

I highly recommend the color brioche for yellow skin tones. It gives the most natural from-within kind of flush. I also ordered Honeywheat and Cashew. Stay tuned for more reviews.

Bond Girl

Walk of Shame








Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution: The best matte lipstick I’ve ever tried. It’s creamy and easy to apply, comfortable on the lips, really long-lasting and has a ton of beautiful color choices. What more can you ask for?

**Bond girl and walk of shame are my favorite colors in fall/winter. Both are muted brick red, bond girl is a little bit brighter than walk of shame.**

Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara: A great dupe for Cle de Peau’s Mascara. $10 for a quality worth of $50.  It lengths, make your eyelash really think and keeps the curl throughout the day.  Most importantly – IT NEVER SMUDGES.

Glossier Boy Brow: I’ve raved about this for so many times: a tinted brow gel with exceptional lasting power that gives you natural fluffy brows and does not make the hair hard and crispy. Buy it now!


I know it’s tacky but I still want to say this: thank you so much for your support these past few months. Happy new year and wish you all a beautiful year with beautiful skin!