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Review: Glossier _Milky Jelly Cleanser

I am a huge believer in washing your face in the morning. Even if you have dry skin, you still need to wash off the dirt and oil on your face, and have a clean canvas for makeup. You just need to find the right cleanser.

Before trying out the Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser, I had switched between so many; yet nothing seems to be the right one for morning time. Foamy cleansers are too stripping, cream cleansers do not have the cleansing power I want.









The Milky Jelly cleanser though is an all-rounder – a gel cleanser that is gentle enough to use it in the morning, but at the same time cleanse really well without stripping or leaving any residues on your skin. Formulated with ingredients from contact lens solution, you can even safely use it around your eyes with no irritation. Plus the subtle rosy smell of it just make the start of my everyday a whole lot better!

The way I use it in the morning is to massage it onto wet face. If you use it at night, use it on dry skin like a cleansing oil to dissolve any makeup/impurities first before adding water. But I still recommend to use a proper cleansing oil to remove any makeup first and double cleanse with the Milky Cleanser instead of solely depend on the it.

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