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3 Things To Do on Your Commute

If you want to avoid awkwardly(“accidentally”) staring at strangers and feel semi-productive.


I’ve been really obsessed with podcasts lately. There are just so many interesting stuff out there! Plus I can rest my eyes while getting wired to a story.

The Start Up: Each season shows you the behind the scenes stories of a start up, from finding partners to pitching investors. The reporting style makes it really informative and entertaining, especially for anyone who knows nothing about business but want to start one.



Serial: The podcast version of making a murderer. I was so sucked into the stories that I missed my stop twice!



Oh Boy ( from man repeller): My favorites from this podcast are interviews on successful entrepreneurs: Emily Weiss (Into the gloss),  Alicia Yoon (Peach and lily), Jordan Kier (Lola), Payal Kadakia (Classpass).

News App

 If you want to catch up on your morning news, you should use the news app that comes with your iPhone; which I don’t know it exists until my friend told me about it.

The greatest thing about this is that you can have a quick browse and save all the articles that interest you so you can read them even when you have no internet on subway.





For when you really want to really a book. Aside from the fact you can not write any notes, Kindle is so much easier than a physical copy of book to bring around and to read during commute. And it’s on sale on amazon right now!





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