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Review: Glossier New Generation G Lipstick

As a grad student in marketing, I am always looking at how different companies and brand acquire new customers and build up their brand loyalty. In today’s digital world, the key of making a successful brand essentially are (i) personalization and customization of products (ii) engagement and presence in brand community, from social media to forums & brand website.


Glossier was able to do both of them. It incorporated customers’ opinion in its product development from the start (smart!), and always keep their ears open to product feedbacks. It’s really a win-win situation, customers get the exact products they want and glossier gets a group of loyal (obsessed) customers.


The new Generation_G Lipstick was formulated and improved based on feedbacks on the old formula. The previous version was good, but this one is perfection. Let’s dive in.


Formula: A diffused, sheer matte goodness. The new formula makes it easier to glide on, much more moisturizing and last longer. You don’t feel you have anything on your lips.


Packaging: I love how light and sleek the old version was, but the material feels cheap and looks too plasticy. The new packaging use a opaque and a thicker plastic – super cute!


Color: Trust me, “zip” is the perfect every-day low-maintainence and versatile orangy red you’ve been searching for all your life.  One layer gives you a natural (but healthier) lip color, or you can layer it up for a more opaque color. The formula makes it almost impossible to mess up.


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