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How to Save Money on Beauty Buys


This post is dedicated to all the beauty junkies out there. 


1. First go through every product you own.

Nars & Buxom

This photo says it all.


 2. Use CashBack – even if it’s just $1!

Aside from the obvious Credit Card cash programs, which offers only 1%-5% depending on your purchase type, my favorite cashback website has to be Ebates.



It consistently offers 1% – 15% cashbacks on almost every online store , from Barneys to Sephora. That is on average 10% off every order. You can simply install the Ebates plug-in on your web-browser , it will alert you whenever you are at a online store that offers cashback through Ebates. I have gained $1000 cashbacks through Ebates for the past 2 years, which is, amaaazing!


3. Wait until there is Discounts/Offer

This is a no-brainer but many of us just cannot wait for the time when there’s discount to get that gorgeous lipstick ! Wait, unless it’s limited edition (that’s really another story)



4.But Don’t stock up on products when there are discounts

I am really speaking from my experience. Countless times have I stocked up on skincare products thinking I will put them to good use one day, and they all got expired…


5. Make a list

The golden rule never gets old.


Appointed – Notebook in Blossom Pink

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Born and raised in China; went to to NYU for College and going to Columbia Business School for Marketing Degree this fall. I have worked in the beauty industry for a year after graduating from college. But my obsession with beauty starts since high school, when I suffered from acnes. That being said, I have tried out a lot of skincare products as well as makeup and I have a lot of opinions on them (also high standards). I hope this is the place you can visit from time to time to find beauty inspirations or just to kill time :)