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Bloom – Estee Lalonde


I am surprised and not surprised that Estee Lalonde wrote such a great book. I am surprised because I thought it would be another “blogger book” with 10 outfit ideas, 5 makeup tips and 3 recipes. I am not surprised because, duh, it’s Estee.


It’s a book about Estee but not only about her. I teared up reading the first two chapters because it resonated so much with me and I believe will be so many others as well.  I admired her for thinking back on old memories (especially the bad ones) and then put them into words and share with the readers – the mistakes she made and lessons she learned.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 12.54.07 PM.png

So many books are written just for the sake of writing one, you can feel that energy reading it. And there is rarely a “real person” book (could’ve thought of a better word) like the Bloom. Every word in this book is so authentic and down-to-earth to the point that it’s like her talking to you in person.

In her book, Estee reminds us that life is not always happy and bubbly as it is in her videos, but she”feel the fear and do it anyway.”

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