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5 things to help you deal with stress.

August and September were months of taking care of myself . Grad school started and it was even harder than I thought. The pressure that coming with it put a lot of stress on me – break outs on my chin and sore body everyday. Hence, I’ve not been posted anything on this blog for the past 3 weeks.


But now I’ve get used to all the stress and busy schedule. And best of all, I have accumulated some favorites on destress and take care of my body and skin to  share with you all.

1. Yoga Stretch

A 20 min video that really helps to stretch out your whole body. Essential when you’ve been sitting on your ass for hours and your body feels really heavy.

2. Sulwhasoo Cushion Foundation

A must-have if you are always in a hassle in the morning.  You can have a even base in just 2o seconds.  It’s also rich in essential oils – super moisturizing and great for your skin.


3. Sunday Riely Luna sleeping oil

Luna sleeping oil saved me from going crazy countless times when I have many breakouts on my face. I already used up one full size. And again, it cleaned up all my chin breakouts in a week when nothing worked. It smells funky but as long as it works I am ok with that.  Seriously, is there anything from Sunday Riely that does not work?



4. The Netflix Original Documentary: Chef’s table


I believe it is really important to stay motivated when you are buried by all  the school work. I highly recommend this one by Netflix. There is just so much effort and dedication that chefs put into each dish that we don’t know. And this documentary not only captured those moments, but also showed how top chefs became who they are now. Really inspirational and give me respsect for food and for chef as an occupation. All Netflix original series are so well-made!

5. The Beauty Chef: Glow Powder

I have not been eating well for the last month simply because I did not have the time to cook or sit down to eat properly. So I decided to give the Glow Powder a go – it suppose to help you clean the gut because of all the fermented fruits and veggie in it. The powder looks scary, brownish yellowish powder, but taste surprisingly good!! I added it to orange juice and it tastes like cranberry juice. I know it works because since I started to take it, I poop like a clock everyday right after I wake up haha.