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Get Frizz-less Hair with these 3 Products


Like skincare, finding the holy grail hair products involves a lot of trial and wrong. I am always searching for products that can take care my oily scalp and tame the frizzy hair. I think now is the time (after trying so many!), that I can say I am very comfortable with everything I put on my hair. Simple, no fuzz, get the job done within a reasonable budget!

For Everyday:

Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo – $26 (8.45 oz): Before Davines Love, I had been using the Oribe Repair & Restore Shampoo for a long time. But the price was just …well…let’s just say cannot afford to spend my life with it. Then I found Davine Love in one of the Birchbox subscription boxes. It’s just perfect perfect for my asian thick, coarse, frizzy-like-crazy hair. Clean check! Soft to touch check! Smooth check! Frizz-less check!  Apart from the smell (ok but not great), I think it’s even better than Oribe’s.



For the Smell & Shine:

Oribe Glod Lust Nourishing Hair Oil – $37 (1.7oz): I feel Oribe would be a classic, like Chanel and Dior, 5o years from now. The quality of its products is just beyond this world, from its fragrance, packaging to performance.

This hair oil is the only product I use now to condition my hair. I don’t use in-shower conditioner any more because I feel they don’t do really anything except the silky feeling that does not last. The Oribe oil though, absorbs into the hair really quickly and keeps my ends shiny, moisturized all day. I apply it to the ends when my hair is half dry, sometimes on dry hair to keep baby hairs at bay.   **Do not apply it right after towel dry when there is still water in your hair, the oil will get dilluted by water and not absorbed well. **


For Deep Cleanse:

Lush Big Shampoo – $27.95 (11.04 oz): I have to confess, because of my thick and stiff Asian hair, I don’t normally use any volumnizing shampoo or sprays; or I would look like I have a really really big head. And with my 5’2 height, yes – not attractive at all.

The one I am using now for deep cleanse is this “Big” Sea Salt Shampoo by Lush. As the name suggests, it does make my hair really big ( if you want tons of volume, go for it!). I don’t really mind though – it gets the job done with flying colors and I only use it once a week. I tie my hair up in a bon the next day so the “big” does not show.

The shampoo is formulated with many natural ingredients:

  • Sea Salt – de-greases hair & remove dead skin cells & dirt
  • Extra Virgin Coconut oil –  soften the hair and lock the nourish
  • Citrus Juices – add shine to the hair and the fresh intoxicating smell

It also has sulfate though – the infamous ingredient that strip your skin of natural oils. However, I looked up the ingredients of other clarifying shampoos or scrubs, such as the Christopher Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt every beauty blogger swears by, sulfate pops up in every one of them. I guess it’s essential for any purifying shampoo. I just put more oil on the end of my hair afterwards to avoid dry ends.



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Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo


Oribe Glod Lust Nourishing Hair Oil




Lush Big Shampoo