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July Love List

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I am starting this series of monthly love list. But instead of a fix list of categories, I will just group together all my favorites each month. It can be anything from beauty stuff to food and movies, which make more sense than trying to find something just to put into each category. Ok, no more rambling, this is my July Love List.


MV Organics Rose Oil: I was introduced to this Australian organic skincare brand by Estee Lelonde. She has sensitive skin and really adores the its line of products. I decide to gave this oil a go finally when I was in the market for a hydrating oil; but this oil does so much more than that. Formulated with all natural ingredients, it helps to decongest, calm any redness or inflammation and strengthen your skin. Since I started using it, my skin has been better  than ever – no breakouts & supple & glowy skin. I feel like it also helps with my scars’ healing process.

What I like to do is to first spray my face with some facial mist, then warm up 2-3 drops of the oil and massage onto my face. The water acts as a medium to help oil absorbed into the skin.  Because I have oily skin in summer, I only use it at night. Some also use it as a primer before makeup for a dewy but non-oily look.


Physicians Formula Pencil Eyeliner: The summer heat is really hitting NYC. So It’s the perfect time for me to test out all the eyeliners I have on hand. And the winner is… physicians formula’s. It really stick to your eyelid and does not budge under the heat and humidity. Even if it wears off a little bit, it won’t leave you with racoon eyes, which is (too often) how I scare myself by looking into the mirror after a day out.


Reformation Top:  Reformation is on fire this summer!  Every piece is so so so good – has a unique laid back, cool vibe you cannot find in other brands. So I was quite surprised myself that my favorite piece out of everything I get from there is this very basic tee.

But oh no, It’s not just any cropped top. The fabric is very soft to touch and fit like a dream!  So the tee compliment your body very well. Even if you have big boobs, it won’t make you look pregnant.  I loved it so much that I got it in another color. Plus, a $28 price tag!  – I mean, any basic tees from urban outfitters would cost as much as $24.


TheRealReal: After another purchase of a $200 stuart weitzman sandals (mind you it’s on sale with 50% off!), I made a pact to myself that for every purchase I made, I have to get rid of something, with some good money back! So I decided to (finally!) consign some  of my designer stuff through therealreal – starting commission rate is 60% of the sales price.

You can simply ship your consignments using a prepaid shipping label that you can create on the website. They will evaluate your products’ condition and set an appropriate market price. Because therealreal has really built up its credibility for selling authentic luxury products, your consignment will be sold very quickly. In my case, my Chloe pump, which does not fit me any more because my feet has grown a little bit, was sold in a weeks time. Now I can use the money to buy that cute reformation dress I have been eyeing for a while!


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MV Organics Rose Oil


Physicians Formula Pencil Eyeliner




Reformation Top