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Current Favorite Beauty Tools – Yes they are just as important!



1. Muji portable eyelash curler, $13.39

I know It  does not look very impressive – how good can a portable eyelash curler be! But honestly it is the best one I’ve ever tried and have been using it for the past 2 years.

I have very straight Asian lashes that’s not easily curled. This one not only curls all my lashes (not just the ones in the middle) in one try, but also keeps the curl for a long time. Together with my favorite mascara by Clea de Peau, I can have long curly lashes through out the day.

2. The original beautyblender, $20

I tried it for the first time about two years ago – was not impressed by it at all. Because… surprise, surprise, I did not dampen it before using. (Common, we’ve  all been there! ). But once I get the heck of it, I could not stop reaching for it (even that means I have to wash it every week).  You just cannot achieve such seamless finish of your foundation with your hands, brushes or any other kind of sponges. Get the pink one though, the red one’s color fades whenever I wash it.

**ATTENTION** Real Technique’s beauty blender (much cheaper though) is not a great dupe of the original beauty blender. The textures are completely different.  The original beautyblender is much plusher and bouncier; therefore blend out foundation evenly without itself absorbing the much of it. On the other hand,  RT’s is more of a normal sponge shaped like a beauty blender. It’s still quite firm after wetting, and the foundation stick onto the sponge surface.

3. Muji Cheek Brush, $23

A new beauty find when I was in China last month. I forgot to bring a cheek brush home and found this one in my mom’s beauty stash – loved it so much so end up picking up a new one myself.

It’s a synthetic brush, made of plant-derived polyester fiber that gives soft touch to the skin. It’s so soft and fluffy I use it for blush as well as face powder; works like a dream for picking up powders and blending out colors. The best synthetic hair brush I’ve found that works as well as a natural hair brush.

4.Philips Sonicare Diamondclean ToothBrush, $189.99

My motto is, once you go Diamondclean, you cannot go back. At over 31000 strokes per minute, the dimaondclean toothbrush keeps my teeth clean, healthy and super white (no need for  whitening strips!). Manual brushes, or other normal electric toothbrush just cannot compare to it.

Once it’s fully charged, its power can last for up to 2 weeks. The coolest thing about it is that, you can charge it by just putting in the glass charger, which you can also use it as a normal glass!

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Muji portable eyelash curler


The original beautyblender


Philips Sonicare Diamondclean ToothBrush


Muji Cheek Brush




  • The eyelash curler looks bit complicated to master😢 the beauty blender though😍

    • Yes the eyelash curler does look like a weird contraption but it works just like other curlers 🙂 BeautyBlender is a must-have!