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The "EX" Mask – SK-II Treatment Mask

skii mask

My friends and I call it the “EX” mask. Because it’s the magical mask that, after just one application, will make your skin so supple, glowing and so perfect that if you “accidentally” run into your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend the next day , he/she will beg you to take him/her back ( a little imaginative scene of ours, not that any of us have purposely done that before:) )


Available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdales, etc.

Essentially, it is the mask form of the famous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, or the “Miracle Water”, with the brand’s signature ingredient, Pitera. Pitera contains nourishing vitamin, amino acids, minerals and acids that can promote the skin’s renewal but at the same time moisturize and brighten the skin. The ingredient was discovered in Japan when scientists caught sight of the wrinked faces of aged sake brewers contrasting their youthful hands. Then they were able to isolate the single yeast string from sake fermentation process that makes skin crystal clear, and that is, Pitera.

BUT (and this is a big but), the mask has 10 times the concentration of Pitera in the essence.  So while the essence is great for every-day use , the mask can transform your skin overnight – so put one on before a night out or before any big event.


There is a few things about this mask that you NEED TO KNOW or you may not get the full benefit of it or even hate it – as I have heard from some of my friends.

  1. Alcohol in the mask ?

The mask smells like it has alcohol in it, but actually it does not.  It is the ingredient Butylene Glycol, smells very similar to alcohol,  lead to the misleading impression.

     2. Leave it on for how long?

The mask is very potent in serum, so I leave it on for 20 min instead of the usual 10. From my experience, there is always serum left in the packaging. Apply them wherever feels particularly dry, like around the nose and the cheek area.

     3. This point is the key.

After you peel off the mask, pad the excess serum in with your hands . Then you need to either wash your face with water or, even better, wipe it with a  pad soaked with the Facial Treatment Essence. If you don’t do this and apply moisturizer straight away, the moisturizer won’t sink in, and will even ball up.

    4. Don’t put it in your fridge

I learned this quite recently. Pitera’s active yeast cells are less active in hot or cold environment – not as effective as if it is in room temperature. I know we all like the cooling feeling of refrigerated masks, but nah for this one.

     5. Pricey,Pricey,Pricey

I know but trust me ITS ALL WORTH IT!!



  • This sounds so amazing!! I’ve been dying to try products from SK-II! One day when I can afford it haha

    • Yes they are pricey but worth every penny. I always buy them in bulk when there’s discounts:)