Month: July 2016

My go-to Online Beauty Stores

I know online beauty shopping might not be everyone’s cup of tea, since you can’t actually feel and try out the products. So what I like to do is to try everything in store first and then make the purchase online. Because there are always deals that you get to take advantage online only, and you have easy access to everything you need. Plus, I just get so many satisfaction out of putting things I wish I can have  into shopping bags but don’t actually check out. Get it? Like this post if you are the same (so many Youtubers use this tactic I must try and see if it works lol).   Highlight: B-glowing is really passionate about the brands they carry and truly loves beauty. How do I know? You can just feel it through their beautifully prepared informative (not just promotional) newsletter,s blog posts and editorials on their website. Because of  that, not only I buy products from them, but also I make new beauty finds through their suggestions. Plus, the website is …

Is your sunscreen safe for you?

  I am not the kind of person that look through the ingredient list of a product before purchasing it. As long as it’s paraben free then I am sold! But recently I have started to do that, on sunscreens in particular. I learned (shockingly) that while applying sunscreen diligently everyday is essential for good skin, not every sunscreen is actually safe for you.  So this is how I came to the realization of that… I was doing research for a post on sunscreen. I know sunscreens come in two forms. physical (mineral) and chemical; and I wanted to find out what ingredients constitute each form. The results from Google gave me what I want, but something more: ” Chemical UV filters may mimic hormones or cause skin allergies, which raises important questions about unintended effects on human health from frequent sunscreen application. ” ( The trouble with Oxybenzone and Other Sunscreen Chemicals) And there was a time when I thought sunscreens are all of the good and none of bad! The EWG website has a full list of the …

Japanese Street Style 日本街拍分享第1期

我特别爱看日本女孩儿的街拍。他们不按套路出牌,没有欧美街拍中前篇一律的搭配;他们造型大胆前卫,看似不搭调的单品却能被他们演绎得别有风味;他们也特别注重妆容发型与饰品的搭配,轻轻松松吸引路人的目光。挑了些最近喜欢的日本原宿街拍跟大家分享。Hope you can find some styling inspirations from them.                     *All photos are from