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Thoughts On Blogging


I have tried blogging before (twice actually), on both and wordpress.  Wrote up a few post on skincare, and then that’s it. I figured I gave up because I wasn’t writing in my native language, so I tried a chinese platform (weibo – chinese version of twitter). I put a lot of effort into it at first, but after a while I only repost instead of posting anything  myself…

It’s not that I have nothing to write about. I have tried out a lot of skicncare products as well as makeup and have a lot of opinions on Beauty; and many many other things (Seriously, if you are ever in my head, it’s a CRAZY world in there!! ) – as you can see here I ramble a lot.

Looking back, I realized that it’s because I’ve lost track of why I wanted to start a beauty blog in the first place. Instead I was discouraged just by the fact that I did not have much followers, or I did not get to collaborate with brands, receive press samples and travel around the world for product launches like all other big bloggers do.  Due to that expectation, blogging becomes a burden to me. I set my eyes on the view from the mountain top, forgetting I have to climb up there.

This time I have set myself straight – I blog because I have a real passion for beauty and a fire in my belly to get my reviews and opinions out. It may sound tacky but passion is what truly motivate us to do things. And for the first time ever, I actually enjoy blogging.

其实过去我曾经在wordpress 上开通过博客,尝试写过几篇护肤博文。微博(weibo)也“用心”经营过一段时间,却都没有坚持下来。当然不是因为没有什么好写的,护肤品化妆品我用过很多产品 、有很多自己的见解也非常想要分享。直到最近我才渐渐的悟出其中最大的原因是我患了“成名妄想症”。开始写博客后便一心想着自己可以像那些有名的博主一样,有很多的关注者(followers), 接着与品牌合作,收到免费产品;如果幸运的话还可以去各个国家参加品牌的活动。 于是当一段时间后仍然没有被太多人关注后,我便自然而然的失去了兴趣。忘了自己写博客的初衷是只是单纯的为了分享而不是为了成名。


不久前看到一个英国Youtuber的视频,她提到自己写博客的第一年几乎没有什么关注者, 她却没有气馁,做着其他工作的养活自己的同时坚持了下来。现在她已跟英国有名的Social Talent公司签约并且可以靠这份她喜欢的工作过着不错的生活。所有成功的人的共同点就是能够坚持做自己想要做的东西,即便短期内看不到预期的成果,他们仍然能够继续下去。所以现在我写博客,是想要自己有个可以坚持的东西。 不喜欢的东西是无法坚持的,从我放弃两次后又开通了博客来看,我对写博客的热情可见一斑。




  • This sums up my feelings about blogging so well, you expect to start blogging and be instantly launched into the world of press releases and it’s sad when that doesn’t happen