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3 Skincare Products I cannot live without.


1. Tatcha Cleansing Oil – One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, $48 ( 150ml )

s1673805-main-zoomA staple in my skincare routine for almost a year now. If I wear makeup, as I do most days,  I use this cleansing oil first to melt away all my makeup, and then double cleanse with a foamy facewash. Sometimes I even use this in the morning.

Formulated without mineral oil (can clog pores and cause acnes), paraben, synthetic colors or fragrances, the cleansing oil emulsify quickly, gently removes all the makeup and dirt without drying out my skin or leaving any residues; which is what a lot of cleansing oils does to me.

A cheaper alternative would be The Body Shop’s Chamomile Silky Cleansing Oil, it’s also vegan, paraben free and has no mineral oil. For me, I think it does not clean as thoroughly as the Tatcha one. Though I don’t mind about that too much because I always double cleanse – I really believe in double cleanse!!

不含矿物油人工香料 和防腐剂, 痘痘敏感肌也可以放心使用。主要成分是比较特别的玄米油和山茶花油。乳化快卸妆干净洗完脸不会觉得干燥紧绷。The Body Shop 有一款甘菊卸妆油使用感跟 Tatcha 这款类似,是很好的评价选择。


2. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, $205 (215ml)

SKII-Facial-Treatment-EssenceI have been using the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence since I was a freshman in college (almost 5 years now).

It works so well for someone like me who has a naturally low skin cell renewal rate; meaning I am more prone to acne, have larger pores and take longer to recover from hyperpigmentation. I pad the essence on to my face everyday after cleansing morning and night. Sometimes I  soak square cotton pads with the essence and use it as a face mask. I noticed that I have less breakouts and have more radiant skin whenever I have the essence on hand or not trying other products.

This is all because of SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera, a clear liquid rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. It replenish, smoothen the skin and moderate its renewal cycle, so basically all the help I need for my skin and it truly works miracles!

For the past year, I have seen a lot of collaboration between SK-II and American bloggers. In case you are reluctant to try it because the posts you read all seem too advertisementy, it gets the stamp of approval from me – a loyal consumer of the product.

都说神仙水用起来皮肤会有依赖性,一旦停用立马打回原形。确实是这样, 但是这不代表产品有什么不好神仙水本来就是加快角质层代谢加保湿的一款精华水,对于像我这种自身皮肤代谢比较差的人来说真的是离不开。


3. Dr. Sebagh VC Powder Cream, $155

163015020_product_1This is the best product I’ve ever used to treat hyperpigmentation and to heal acne, period.

The powder has a high concentration of stablised vitamin c, which is the form that would make vitamin c most effective. The active ingredient is only released when you press the powder on to your skin. The powder then would immediately turn into a light cream which is quickly absorbed by the skin.

You can also mix the powder with your serum to apply to the whole face & neck. But because of its high price, I recommend only use this as a spot treatment on your hyperpigmentation& acnes.

With this product, what usually takes me 2 to 3 weeks,  it takes a week (tops) for my acnes to heal and dark spots to be almost invisible.

* Philosophy’s turbo booster c powder is a cheaper alternative as an antioxidant and for even skin tones. 

用完了两盒(10 管)。对痘印有奇效,一个星期就能几乎完全消掉。涂在发炎痘痘上我觉得有些消炎的作用。官方说可以混在精华里全脸用,因为太贵我只压在痘印痘痘上。个人觉得如果没有痘痘痘印问题只是想全脸提亮没有必要用这个,Philosophy家的那款VC粉就够了(便宜很多)。Dr.Sebagh 这款一开始效果真是惊喜,用完一盒后渐渐的皮肤对他有点免疫了所以也准备停用一段时间了。