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The not so terrifying in-home peel.


I know peel can sound very intimidating; as it usually implies harsh, stripping exfoliation that leave your skin red and tight. You don’t have to worry about all that with this Philosophy microdelivery in-home vitamin c peptide peel. It’s quite gentle yet powerful enough to give you instantly smoother, brighter and glory skin (due to vitamin c and peptides) with no downtime.


I sometimes use this before going out, and with my favorite By Terry foundation, my makeup looks flawless – actually like my own skin; without any residual irritation or redness. This is a little trick of mine, exfoliate beforehand if you want your makeup to look like your skin and stay on all night.


I was born with congested skin, so I need to exfoliate routinely to prevent any pimples from coming out. I use this philosophy peel once a week to make sure of that. I had used up a set of this peel and went through a period without one at my hand. My skin was noticeably dull and bumpy. Now I am half-way through the new set and  this is now definitely an essential in my skincare routine.


For physical exfoliants, I love the Enzyme Powder by Tatcha- another gentle and effective exfoliant. I will be sure to write another post on it – stay tuned 🙂


我最爱的化学去角质, 已经用完了一组,现在手上的也用完了一大半。每次用完都忍不住一直摸自己跟baby一样滑嫩的脸蛋嘿嘿。我不是敏感肌肤,但是很多酸类(BHA, AHA, Salylic Acid) Enzyme类的去角质产品还是会觉得刺激,用完后脸会泛红或者很紧绷,涂上保湿产品后会有刺痛感。这款用起来没有任何不适感,效果却是比其他产品还要明显,加了vitamin c peptide, 去角质同时还可提亮抗老。因为用完不会刺痛泛红,我有时出去约会前用这款做迅速去角质以让妆容更服帖白净。这款我大概一星期用一次,平常再依情况配合物理去角质产品。



  • Lovely post! A good enzyme based product I love is the elemis dynamic resurfacing mask it’s brill! X

    • I have heard so many great things abt the elemis mask! Will definitely try 🙂