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5 Makeup Items I am obsessed with.


1.  Cle de Peau Beauté – Perfect Lash Mascara, $50

If you have short straight lashes and your eye makeup always smudges like I do.Then this is the Mascara for you!

0729238724945I know it costs $50 , but it lasts for almost half a year and it’s like no other mascara out there.It lengthens, volumize but what makes it really stand out is that it keeps the curl all day long and is completely smudge proof; without tiny mascara fibers falling under your eyes like some other water-proof mascara does on the market.

Since I discovered this one 2 years ago, I have not used any other mascara. I have tried, of course; but no other is as good as this one.

适合亚洲人向下生长的直睫毛 – 纤长并能保持一天卷翘完全不晕。50刀一只但是天天用能用半年左右。刚用的时候注意用纸巾抹掉刷头多余产品不然膏体很湿上妆后睫毛会变成一簇一簇的和很灾难。自从用了这只后再也没有爱过其他睫毛膏,试用过很多但是没有一个是可以跟这只媲美的。


2.By Terry – Terribly Densiliss Foundation, $116

I was introduced to this brand by Estee Lalonde ( my favorite youtuber/blogger. She is so gorgeous and funny and has such a unique character, I stalk her everyday and I am not ashamed of that).

i-018263-terrybly-densiliss-foundation-no2-cream-ivory-1-940Thanks to her recommendation, I found the perfect perfect foundation for me! It’s the first skin – like foundation I’ve ever discovered, my boyfriend could not tell if I was wearing any makeup whenever I wear this one. It has a sheer to medium coverage, very build able and gives a subtle glow finish. It’s neither drying nor oily and I actually wear this all year around (I have combination to oily skin). But during summer I always set my T-zone with powder just in case. It also has anti-wrinkle serums, thus a combination of makeup and skincare;  i guess it is better for your skin compare to other foundations.

All in all, It’s the kind of foundation that I feel comfortable wearing everyday.

By Terry 几乎达到了完美粉底的标准,妆感轻薄遮瑕力却中等偏上有光泽感不拔干。而且粉底80%都是抗老精华,算是一款养肤粉底。说是几乎是因为到了下午似乎会有些暗沉,但是就一点点并没有很严重。混油夏天需要散粉定妆不然会脱妆。我每次用这款粉底男友都看不出我画了妆哦。


3.Glossier – Boy Brow, $16

glossier-boy-browIt’s an all-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper. You don’t need an eye brow pencil to fill in your browor an eye brow gel to set your brow, boy brow will get all the job done and gives you the most natural looking, fluffy and full eyebrow. It’s sort of like the “Mascara for your brow”.

The best thing is that with this, I spend less than a minute doing my eyebrow everyday but end up with the best (real)-looking eye brow I have ever had.

Glossier 虽然是美国一个新晋品牌,但是仅仅一两年的时间就受到众多美国年轻人的喜爱。他们的产品简单平价却有针对性,每个产品功效都十分明确,几乎很少踩雷。这款眉部产品结合了眉笔眉胶和染眉膏为一体,纤长每根毛发的同时染色、定型,我这种无眉星人用完后都会有非常自然的浓眉。这就是“眉毛的睫毛膏”吧。


4. RMS -Lip2Cheek, $36

h54d698621d8a5Recently I prefer liquid/cream blush to powder blush more and more often. Just because liquid/cream blush give you a “blush” so natural / so much less powdery that people cannot tell if it is makeup or if you actually look that healthy. I also see less women wearing the “in your  face” blush, natural makeup is what everybody goes for now I guess.

RMS’s Lip2Cheek is one of my favorite Blush/lip stain, I mostly use it as a blush. Formulated with the brand’s signature ingredient, coconut oil, the blush is comfortable to put on the skin and very blendable; giving a natural glowy flush like it comes from within. I would not say it’s the most long-lasting blush. But since it’s easy to carry around, you can always reapply throughout the day.




5. By Terry – Terribly Densiliss Concealer, $69

UK200013807_BYTERRYIt’s the same formula as the foundation – I need to say no more.This is actually an under-eye concealer. I don’t need much coverage under my eyes so I only use it as a highlighter; and I put this wherever i need more coverage just because it blends into my skin so well and looks almost invisible. But if you have a huge zit/red pimple, I recommend use another concealer that has more coverage.



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