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Japanese At-home Drip on coffee

I came across this coffee brand in my local Japanese market. I was looking for easy-making instant coffee to drink at home so I don’t need to get dressed, and run down to the coffee shop whenever I crave for coffee (which is often…) AND I really don’t want to commit to a Coffee Machine. Because I know once I get it I would drink a lot of coffee just to make the money worth. As we all know, too much coffee is no good for your body.2014-04-18 11.56.02

This at-home drip on coffee by the brand Key Coffee caught my eye because I have never seen anything like this before. This brand is very well-known in Japan for good quality coffee so I know it must be good. The line has 6 flavors, I chose this special blend flavor to try out because it has a low acidity level which I personally prefer.

It turns out to be the best spotting ever!! Super easy to make and amazingly delicious. Each box has 6 single-use packs for $5, that is way cheaper than $3 coffees from coffee shops. And honestly, they taste pretty similar…

P.S. If you happen to live in NYC, Sunrise Mart is the go-to place for Japanese groceries.

周末逛日本超市时幸运的发现了这个品牌的咖啡。正好我一直想找在家喝的即溶咖啡,又厌倦了雀巢咖啡的味道。这种不用咖啡机的渗透式咖啡从来没见过,于是决定尝试下。Key Coffee 是同ucc齐名的日本非常有名的咖啡品牌, 选用的都是是巴西优质咖啡豆,这款便携式滤挂式咖啡更是十分受欢迎。一盒有6包单次用包 (只需5美元),单独包装方便携带!

2014-04-18 11.52.11第一次打开包装咖啡香气便铺面而来,当时就知道这咖啡味道一定不错。按照图示拉开包装挂在杯沿,注入热水后 等待水完全透过滤纸后再加两次水即可享用这便携又美味的咖啡啦。我觉得味道跟咖啡店买的黑咖啡真的很相似,而咖啡店一杯咖啡至少3美元,这个一包只需要一美元不到。推荐给你们,省点钱买化妆品护肤品衣服鞋子包包吧:)如果你在纽约,可以在 Sunrise Mart 找到这款咖啡哦!